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    M/Monit can monitor and manage distributed computer systems, conduct automatic maintenance and repair and execute meaningful causal actions in error situations.

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      Easy install and setup - turn key. Up and running in seconds
    • 无界网一点通

      Your computer systems will have a higher uptime as M/Monit can handle error conditions automatically, often without the need for human intervention.
    • 无界网一点通

      M/Monit has a clean, simple and responsive User Interface which scales well, if you manage 2 hosts or 1000+ hosts.
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      Create beautiful charts for multiple hosts and compare key indicators from various machines and services
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    • If your web-site is down, getting an alert is all well and good, but it is much more useful if you can also have it automatically fixed, especially at 04 AM. M/Monit can do that.

      M/Monit can automatically start a process if it does not run, restart a process if it does not respond and suspend a process if it uses too much resources.

      M/Monit is particularly useful for monitoring background or daemon processes, such as those started at system boot time.

      You can also check resources used by a process and perform actions if values goes outside specific bounds.

    • Monitor general system resources on localhost such as overall CPU usage, Memory and Load Average. Quickly see the status of all your servers in M/Monit's status page and view uptime reports for all your Hosts and Services.


      From M/Monit you can also manage services on your remote server. Start, stop and restart services remotely.

    • Check if your web-site or your database server is up. You can monitor network connections to various network services, either on localhost or on remote hosts. TCP, UDP and Unix Domain Sockets are supported. Network tests can be performed on a protocol level.

      M/Monit can also check Network Interfaces on localhost. Get an alert if the interface is down, or if the capacity changes. Monitor saturation, current upload and download bandwidth usage and total data transfers within the last 24 hours.

      You can even use M/Monit to check your servers SSL certificate and remind you when it is time to renew the certificate

    • Monitor a hard disk or a filesystem and raise alerts if the device is about to run out of available space or becomes slow. Automatically mount or unmount file systems.


      View charts such as space usage, disk i/o, service time etc and use forecast to predict when it is time to invest in more space or replace disks

    • Monitor files for changes, such as timestamps changes, checksum changes or size changes. This is also useful for security reasons - you can monitor the md5 or sha1 checksum of files that should not change and get an alert or perform an action if they did change.

      Files, such as log files, can be monitored for content. Use regular expressions to continously tail monitor files and perform and action or raise an alert if a match is found

    • Monitor directories for changes. Alert if content was added or removed from a specific directory. If you spool incomming data on a regular basis, an alert can be raised if no new data has arrived within a specific time. Monitor the existence of directories and their permission settings and uid and gid attributes

  • View the Status of all Monitored Hosts in one screen. The first column displays a LED representing the host's error state. You can drill-down on each host by clicking its row in the table and manage services on the host

  • Automatically collect key performance data from monitored hosts. Query the data and create beatiful charts. Forecast is supported so you can predict the future and when it's time to change disks or upgrade the network

  • 无界网一点通

    M/Monit's User Interface is responsive and adjust to fit the screen size, whether you use a computer, a phone or a tablet. The User Interface reacts to device rotation - some elements may be hidden if the device is in portrait mode and made visible when the device is rotated to landscape mode.

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Monit is a small popular Open Source utility for managing and monitoring Unix systems. M/Monit builds on Monit's capabilities and provides monitoring and management of all your Monit enabled hosts via a modern, clean and well designed user interface which also works on mobile devices.

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M/Monit can monitor and manage distributed computer systems, conduct automatic maintenance and repair and execute meaningful causal actions in error situations.

  • Quick & Easy Setup

    Easy install and setup - turn key. Up and running in seconds

  • 旋风加速器xf9. im

    Responsive user interface. Access M/Monit from desktops, tablets and phones

  • Services Monitoring modes

    Monitor services in active, passive and manual mode and setup dependencies

  • Control Services Remotely

    Start, stop, restart and toggle monitoring of services remotely on managed hosts

  • 美国节点加速器

    Hosts and Services uptime reports. Alert reports on service error and recovery

  • Events Drill-Down

    加速指定IP的后端服务_快速入门_全球加速-阿里云:2021-3-23 · 全球加速根据您配置的权重按比例将流量路由到终端节点。 服务器1的权重设置为 10 。 单击 添加节点 将服务器2添加为终端节点,并设置权重为 40 。

  • Charts

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  • Trend Predictions

    Use trend predictions to extrapolate future values based on existing data

  • Real-time Charts

    View real-time charts with key performance data from your hosts, such as CPU, Memory, Load and more

  • 全球加速节点

    Check and monitor files, directories, file-systems and disks across your system. Test timestamp, file and disk size and access permissions

  • Monitor Networks

    Test network connections to local and remote services. TCP, UDP and Unix Domain sockets are supported

  • Protocol Level Tests

    Connection test on protocol level. M/Monit has automatic tests for all the main Internet protocols and databases

  • 免费网络节点加速器

    Extensible, flexible and configurable alert notification. Uses rule-based alert filters and alert aggregation

  • File Security

    Verify MD5 or SHA checksum of files, either on local system or on remote system

  • Pre-emptive

    Setup rules to act preemptive before an error occurs

  • 免费ssr节点2021

    Scalable, threaded, non-blocking and event driven i/o architecture. Uses around 10 MB of RAM runtime

  • 节点加速器

    Built-in full feature SQL database connection pooling. Supports SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • Application Server

    Application Server based. Easy to modify and extend via a well designed native API

  • HTTP Rest API

    全球加速联动WAF和GTM实现伋业ERP应用加速 - 最佳实践 ...:2021-6-10 · 全球加速联动Web应用防火墙(WAF)和全局流量管理(GTM)实现伋业ERP管理系统加速,基于云安全大数据能力,同时依托阿里巴巴优质BGP带宽和全球传输网络,实现全球网络就近接入和跨地域部署,为伋业ERP管理系统提供一套高安全的跨地域 ...

  • Much more

    Plus many more functions and features



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